Ragin Bull The White Menthol Flavored CBG Pre-Roll

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"The White" Menthol Flavored CBG Pre-Roll:

Whether in the field or bagged on the shelf, White CBG hemp flower is a show-stopper. White CBG plants grow quickly into full bushes with large ‘grade A’ frosted colas. The frost is so thick on these flowers that you can mistake it for snow or sugar. It’s no wonder that it was named ‘White’ CBG. 

Unlike its CBD cousins, the aroma of White CBG buds are not as immediate or overpowering. You can open up a bag of white CBG and not smell much of anything at first. But, give White CBG a day or two to ‘decant’, and you’ll be noticing its unique, subtle scent of sweet cream, diesel, lemon, and earthy notes of grass and pine.

The Guaiol terpene produces the earthy, pine and woodsmoke aromas that are found in White CBG. Guaiol is a rare terpene not typically seen in any amount worth mentioning in our standard CBD strains.

  • 10.2% Total Cannabinoid
  • 9.7% CBG
  • 0.1% THC
  • 100% Federally Legal

All our Hemp complies with federal law and keeps THC levels under the legal limit.